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Health and Nutrition Coach.
Yoga Teacher. Writer. Consultant.

Enjoy a Healthy Life

With advice and methods available here,
you can easily improve your life!

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I can help you make your life healthier and your body stronger in no time.


Are you ready to harness the power of vibrant health to fuel
your extraordinary life?

I'm a health and lifestyle coach to smart (and busy!) women who want to look and feel their best, but who don't have a ton of time to exercise, shop for speciality foods, or cook tons of meals every week. I stumbled upon this path by accident, and it changed my life. Learn what good health can do and how extraordinary your life can be!

Nutrition Strategy

Get a simple, doable tweak to your habits, that will make you a healthy, vibrant version of yourself.

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Exercise Program

Get your individual exercise program that will meet your special needs considering your final goal.

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Routine Program

Our program is distinct in that it adopts a holistic approach to health coaching based on your schedule.

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News & articles

Daily movement, in some form, will make you feel better each and every day. Your body craves moment. It was built to move. That means, we...

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Ever wondered why you crave certain foods? One reason is the change in seasons. Our bodies seek foods that balance out the elements of the...

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We tend to be so conscious about WHAT to eat - fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, quality fats and proteins, sprouts, herbs etc. But HOW to...

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